Why does my anti-virus issue an alert about a phishing or trojan web site when I open Daedalus wallet

During the post-launch of the Shelley network on Cardano Mainnet the Daedalus wallet is activating security alerts in several anti-virus applications. These alerts are warnings to block the traffic to websites that have been reported in the past to have phishing and trojans installed on them. Alerts come in various warning such "website blocked due to Phishing" or "website blocked due to Trojan".

Below is an example of such an alert:


Stake Pool Operators know of this issue and it is dealt with minor concern. Indeed, suggestions are made to check the IP / Domain on virustotal.com and report as a false positive if necessary.

According to Andrew Westburg of BCSH stake pools "the current version of Daedalus is contacting a TON of urls all over the world to download pool metadata. This will be the case until they (IOHK) switch over to the SMASH server for pool metadata. The behavior of hitting a ton of random websites very much looks like malicious behavior to malwarebytes even though in this case... legit".

NOTE: This is the course of Daedalus during the month of August 2020. If you come over to this message much later than August 2020 then SMASH should be in effect by then. If this issue arises after SMASH is implemented the alert will need more serious consideration by the user/owner of the Daedalus client.