How do I install the pre-built binaries from IOHK for my nodes?

An easy and quick way to update to the latest version of the node software is to install the pre-built libraries available for download via IOHK.


Log into your server and, if you have not updated your server software, go ahead and do this now before updating the bode software. (Optional)

sudo systemctl stop cnode.service		#stop your node running

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo reboot

After rebooting you will need to test whether your node hasn't restarted. If it has then stop it again.

sudo systemctl status cnode.service

sudo systemctl stop cnode.service

Let's clean up our binaries installed there now

rm -r ~/.cabal/hydra-binaries
mkdir ~/.cabal/hydra-binaries
cd ~/.cabal/hydra-binaries

Download the latest approved binary tarball from IOHK:


Unpack the file and then remove the original tar.gz file

tar -xzvf cardano-node-1.33.0-linux.tar.gz

rm cardano-node-1.33.0-linux.tar.gz

Complete this update:

rm -r configuration/

cp ./* ../bin/

cardano-cli --version
cardano-node --version

The above is a "boilerplate" issue of the instructions. You may need to adjust and configure to your personal settings if you have made those.

Restart the Node:

sudo systemctl start cnode.service


This article is almost an exact copy of this post by Dostrelith of the EDEN stake pools:



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