Who is Charles Hoskinson?

Charles Hoskinson is one of the leading thought engineers and entrepreneurs in the blockchain field.
Charles trained as a mathematician and cryptographer and is the creator of Cardano.


Hoskinson’s professional experience includes founding three cryptocurrency-related start-ups: Invictus Innovations, Ethereum, and IOHK. He was also the founding chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s education committee and established the Cryptocurrency Research Group in September 2013.

His current projects focus on education of cryptocurrency topics, evangelism of decentralization, and making cryptographic tools easier to use for the mainstream.


Hoskinson attended the Metropolitan State University of Denver and the University of Colorado at Boulder to study Analytic number theory prior to moving into cryptocurrency via industry exposure. He attended his studies there in mathematics and cryptography between 2008-2010.

Personal Life

Charles Hoskinson reads a lot. Has a fetish for Giraffes and enjoys entertaining philosophical thought experiments. He has a ranch in Longmont, Colorado. His office is also based in downtown Longmont.