Purpose and Intents for the Creation of CardanoFAQ

Why create a Cardano FAQ when we have several authoritative resources?

The purpose of CardanoFAQ is to provide a curated collection of frequently asked questions that popular search engines (Google, Bing, and so on) can find and index.

Why? You may ask. Well, a vast wealth of information lies hidden in apps like Telegram, Facebook, Discord, and others, that are not open for indexing by popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, and so on.

It is our mission to provide a tunnel, of-sorts, for that information to be indexed and easily found on most popular search engines.

However, it needs to overstated that we do not want to merely copy/paste questions and answers from apps such as Telegram, Discord, and so on, on a haphazard basis. We emphasize the idea of "curation". This means we try to contribute the best questions and answers on forums, telegram channels, and other social media resources that we can find.

We believe that answers to questions about Cardano and all its subsets of activities and products are usually best answered by well-informed members of the Cardano community. Many of those members include official Cardano ambassadors, stake pool operators, and many other individuals who have taken the time to learn the mechanics and position of the eco-system in the world we are operating in.

Anybody is welcome to contribute!

We encourage users of this site to become contributors and grow this resource.

Aspiring contributors need merely contact us on our telegram channel CardanoFAQ.com to petition the permissions they will need to edit information already published (like a wiki) or contribute their own material (like introducing their pools or software, and so on).