What are the technical details about DPADA pools?

Tickers: DPADA

Pledges: Between 100K to 250K ADA

Fixed fees: 340 ADA

Variable Fee: 1%

Website: www.bladarunner.com

Contact: we are easiest to find on Telegram: https://t.me/bladarunner

Pool ID for DPADA: 4ec969524032c26e3d47a29e5e8e3e5f5d45074701fd3da34c0e2d77


Pool Infrastructure: we operate ten servers to support our pools. They all use the following: OS: Ubuntu 20.04, the latest generation CPUS we can get with dual cores for both BP nodes and Relay nodes. Ram from 8GB to 16GB. Network 1GBS fibre. Variable SSD values ranging from 80GB to 160GB. (See more about why 10 servers on our website).

Pool redundancy: we have two servers on standby to take over if either of our BP nodes go down for any reason.

Operator Experience:

Our mission is simple: Security - Profitability - Consistency