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How do I submit my JSON ballot to the blockchain using the ATADA pool's scripts?


If you are like me and hate using the CLI interface because of the multiple typos you suffer then...

How do I change ownership of files and directories from root user to another user on my node?

General Operations General Linux Management

Introduction This issue was experienced by many new pool operators who built their nodes using t...

How do I add a HardWare wallet as an owner of a pool pledge?

General Operations Wallet Management

Introduction It is not uncommon to want to use a hardware wallet like a Ledger or Trezor device,...

What happened to [HYPE] pool's block rewards?

General Operations Wallet Management

Introduction A pool is registered along with a pledged amount in a wallet. We look at what happe...

What are slot battles?

General Operations Block Production

Introduction Slot battles occur when a slot has been assigned to be processed by more than one p...

How do I copy the database from one node over to another node?

General Operations Updating and Migrating the Node Database

Introduction When we deploy new nodes or have to completely redo one from the ground up we could...

What are some tips for my node's server security?

General Operations General Linux Management

Introduction During the course of being a Linux admin, some tips for securing your server comes ...

How do I improve my OpenSSH security on my node?

General Operations General Linux Management

Introduction OpenSSH is a very useful tool for remote Linux administration by Stake Pool Operato...

How do I see what Cardano Processes are Running on my Node's Server

General Operations General Linux Management

Introduction Sometimes when monitoring our system's health we use the htop command. But sometime...

Where can I find SPOCRA?


SPOCRA can be found at the following URL: Their forums can be found here: http...

How do I create a new sudo-enabled user on my linux system?

General Operations General Linux Management

Introduction It is best practice, and under some circumstances - like those who deploy using the...

What is the difference between live stake and active stake?

Staking Mechanics

Staking with a pool implies the benefit of earning rewards on that amount of ADA you delegate to ...

If you forget your spending password can you just delete your wallet from Daedalus and recreate it with a new password as long as you have your recovery phrase?

Daedalus Security

This was answered by Andrew Westberg on Telegram: The mnemonic keywords are used to derive your ...

How do I set my scripts that run my nodes as systemd services?

General Management System Ops

For a long while many operators using the Guild Operators scripts to run their nodes would have t...

How do I secure SSH Access for a Node on the Cardano Mainnet?

Node Security Securing SSH

This question was originally answered on GitHub and reproduced with permission @ChrisGraff -- DI...

Who is Charles Hoskinson?

People of Cardano Charles Hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson is one of the leading thought engineers and entrepreneurs in the blockchain f...

How do I install the pre-built binaries from IOHK for my nodes?

General Management System Ops

An easy and quick way to update to the latest version of the node software is to install the pre-...